Applikon Biotechnology B.V
Embedded industrial automation systems

Applikon Biotechnology B.V needed a unique application that would put bio-processes under full control and safely store data during the process.

The challenge: creating an advanced SCADA software fulfilling very different requirements

The software for the fermentation processes had to ensure maximum safety and high-level user security whilst keeping bio-processes under complete control through a wide range of features.

The process: from extended background research to rigorous testing

Since the software required a broad range of functionalities, Proekspert had to gain an understanding of the needs of the biotechnology industry at first, and then fulfil the strict requirements set for the software itself.

In order to make BioXpert XP into a highly competitive product, Proekspert added unique electronic signatures and profiles into the program's functionalities. Starting from 2003, Proekspert shifted their focus from development to compatibility and support. Supporting the software on multiple MS operating system platforms during the extensive life cycle of the project proved to be the toughest and the best challenge.

“We chose Proekspert because of the company's strong know-how. They are fully up-to-date with the newest platforms and the development process of BioXpert XP exhibited excellent co-development between our two companies.” 

Arthur Oudshoorn, Managing Director, Applikon Biotechnology B.V.

The outcome: pioneering results for all parties involved

Due to having gained an extensive insight into biotechnology, having a solid connection to the Tallinn University of Technology and owing a magnificent portion of know-how, Proekspert created a user friendly and easy-to operate software that provided calculations, data collection, presentations, and supervisory control all through a single product. Because of the software, Applikon obtained the opportunity to sell fermentation hardware to a broad range of biotechnology companies in need of more complex and intelligent solutions, whilst bioresearchers and operators in the field finally obtained an opportunity to store and use a remarkably deeper and wider level of information in their scientific work.

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