Proekspert Named Estonia’s Best Design Implementer 2016

At the Best Companies 2016 award gala on October 13, Proekspert received Estonia’s Best Design Implementer Award and was one of eight finalists for The Company of the Year.
Enterprise Estonia’s Entrepreneurship Awards is the highest honor bestowed on businesses by the state, and the awards constitute the longest-running business competition in the nation. The awards’ goal is to promote entrepreneurship and recognize the nation’s most ambitious businesses. Sixty enterprises vied for titles.

The Design Implementer category’s goal is to recognize businesses whose economic success has grown demonstrably thanks to design strategy and application in the company’s own products or services, or in the company’s management.

Proekspert began giving design high priority in 2013 when it took part in the Design Bulldozer project with a goal of raising its competitiveness through design. Through the Design Bulldozer project Proekspert became acquainted with the service design concept and has since made it the focus of its business model.

“Whether product or service, we are guided by the needs of the end user, and in building our company we must keep the workers’ perspective in mind,” said Proekspert’s Managing Director Marko Sverdlik. Sverdlik added that the process enables Proekspert to relate to its clients on a new level when working at the idea generation stage and not just at a technological level. “We see that design creates innovation, user-friendliness, and increases client satisfaction.” Currently, one-third of all Proekspert projects include design services as part of the software development.

The competition also included the Business of the Year award, with Proekspert one of eight finalists. Other finalists were Eastman Specialties OÜ, Hekotek AS, Estonian Cell AS, SPS Grupp OÜ, Adcash OÜ Tallink Grupp AS, and Kohila Vineer OÜ. The winner of the award was Hekotek AS.

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