Proekspert opens resort town offices

The software and design company, Proekspert, will recruit at least five employees to open a branch office in the Estonian resort town of Pärnu. The recruitment effort is unusual in that Pärnu is not generally considered one of Estonia’s IT centers.
What began as a temporary summer office in the Estonian seaside resort city of Pärnu will become a permanent office. A second resort town, Kuressaare (on Estonia’s Saaremaa island) became home to a permanent office this autumn, giving Proekspert permanent offices in the cities of Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu, and Kuressaare.

The resort-town offices are being opened at the behest of employees who wanted to better connect work and home life. Proekspert product owner Kunnar Kukk sees several plusses in a resort town office. “In our industry there’s a lot of distance working and a team in another city isn’t of huge importance. Also, a town like Pärnu has some real advantages over Tallinn. My oldest child will soon start school, and he can go to a school a lot closer to home.”

The company worked closely with Pärnu’s city government to ensure schools and pre-schools were available for the children of Proekspert employees.

To staff the Pärnu office, Proekspert recruiter Grete Tammlo says she’s looking primarily for software development engineers whose areas of expertise are Java, Front-End, or C/C++. Regrettably, she says, the company has no sun-bather or beach volleyball positions available.

Proekspert is a 23-year old employee-owned, manager-free Estonian business. Proekspert’s 145 employees work in offices in Tallinn, Tartu, Kuressaare, and soon Pärnu. The firm’s 2015 turnover was eight million euros, two-thirds of this from clients in Scandinavia.

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