User interface renewal for Tele Finland Oma liittymä

Last week, Finnish telecom operator TeliaSonera's customer self-service portal Tele Finland Oma liittymä launched new user interface developed by Proekspert.
The new user interface with improved business logic aims to give customers a better overview of products and services and therefore improves their user experience and satisfaction with Tele Finland's services.

According to Juha Kahilainen, business development manager of Tele Finland Oma liittymä, "The new TFOL creates great new customer potential for Tele Finland. The renewal improves opportunities for upsales and cross-sales by making the commercial presentation of the Tele Finland offering clearer and by removing some of the confusion of the old UI, especially when it comes to ordering new additional services.”

"The first responses from the customers have been positive. Naturally, it will take more time to get comprehensive feedback via our customer service. Internally, our customer service personnel have been very positive about the changes. They say the new UI is much clearer and visually pleasing than the previous one. They like the clarity of service presentation very much,” said Kahilainen.

The UI renewal lasted for 4.5 months from February to June 2015. Proekspert has been the leading partner of Tele Finland Oma liittymä development since 2013.  

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